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Regional Blueprint—A Roadmap for Disparity Reduction Initiatives in Region VII

posted Sep 11, 2013, 10:03 AM by Jae Moon   [ updated Feb 28, 2017, 6:00 AM by Tech Support ]
The Heartland Regional Health Equity Council (RHEC) seeks to eliminate health disparities through the creation, promotion and integration of policies and programs that will eliminate inequities in the region. To direct this process, the Heartland RHEC has developed a Regional Blueprint for Action that aligns with the council’s mission and vision.

The Blueprint for Action was developed as a roadmap and guiding document for the Heartland RHEC’s work. It highlights state and regional-level data related to health disparities and recommends next steps. The RHEC will use this blueprint to inform policies and practices related to health care and the social determinants of health including housing, transportation, jobs and education, to strategically reduce inequities.

While producing the Blueprint for Action, the RHEC recognized that there are many potential points of collaboration across the region that can be leveraged to address health equity. Moving forward, The Heartland RHEC will work with state, county, and local government, academia, private and public organizations, and various faith groups to prioritize the elimination of health disparities.

The Blueprint for Action also forecasts the need to standardize data collection across the Heartland region to monitor and track change in order to evaluate the impact of the RHEC’s work. As a next step, the Heartland RHEC will dig deeper into local data, producing an environmental scan of the region. The Blueprint for Action and environmental scan will fulfill the need for local-level health disparity data, focusing on racial and ethnic minority groups, and ultimately identifying RHEC key focus areas and priority areas for future research.

Read the Heartland Regional Blueprint for Action