Teresa Lovelady, MSW, MBA
President and CEO
HealthCore Clinic

‪Teresa Lovelady joined HealthCore Clinic (formerly Center for Health and Wellness, Inc.) in March 2011 as the President and CEO. She initially was a patient of HealthCore Clinic beginning in 2003 and eventually served as a consumer board member. She brings a wealth of experience to HealthCore Clinic as both a former patient and a professional in the mental health field.

Ms. Lovelady is a Sunflower Foundation Advocacy Fellow and an alumni of the Kansas Leadership Center Visioneering Health Alliance Leadership Initiative. She serves on multiple task forces, coalitions, and committees at local, state, and national levels. Her high-level recognition as a positive role model in the community is based on her demonstrated leadership, innovation, and excellence by serving as a team player who is willing to negotiate and mediate for “win-win” solutions.