LaSharon Duckett-Taylor, MA, CADC
Diagnostic Clinician
Comprehensive Mental Health Services

LaSharon Duckett-Taylor is a Diagnostic Clinician at Comprehensive Mental Health Services. She has 14 years of experience in equitable healthcare provision for multi-cultural, female, and low-income populations of Western Kansas City and East Central Iowa. She earned an MA in professional counseling from Liberty University and actively participates in a variety of initiatives: creating sustainable substance-dependent peer support; identifying measures to improve the provision of mental health services to African American foster parents; and conducting volunteer-driven community outreach and resource informational sessions.

Ms. Duckett-Taylor has played a key role in the following fields over the course of her professional career: early childhood education (three years); youth residential services (two years); and multi-cultural substance abuse counseling and licensed mental health counseling (six years). She is a proud member of the Kansas Army National Guard with over 10 years of service. Her completed and ongoing efforts include:
  • identifying trauma-informed care solutions with employees; 
  • operating a private practice; 
  • serving as a small group church leader through a collaboration with God's Own; 
  • serving as an NAACP Executive Board member of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa branch; 
  • serving on the Iowa State of Equity Board of the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission; 
  • addressing the disproportionate impact of minority contact in conjunction with the state juvenile justice system; and 
  • collaborating with other emerging grassroots initiatives. 
Ms. Duckett-Taylor enjoys running, reading, biking, singing, and spending time with her family. Self-improvement with like-minded individuals is one of her greatest delights.