Jill S. Thompson, MDiv, MTS
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition/Gateway Immunization Coalition

Jill Thompson is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition (MCFHC). Her diverse background in music education, youth development, community development, and coalition building has greatly contributed to the MCFHC team of constituents since 2005. She has led the efforts of the MCFHC team to develop a maternal/child health agenda for the community that resulted in the design of maternal mental health, healthy homes, and access to health insurance initiatives.

Ms. Thompson is the primary staff member of the Gateway Immunization Coalition (GIC), an MCFHC program. In collaboration with GIC leadership, she helped to design and implement a strategic plan, an adolescent immunization outreach program, and the “Kids That Rock” campaign. Her collaboration with partners has increased the GIC leadership and membership. She also is the lead staff member for FLOURISH St. Louis, an initiative that aims to create and sustain a substantial reduction in infant mortality in the St. Louis area over time.

Ms. Thompson holds an MDiv, MTS, and a mini-MBA. Her prior positions included Director of Child Health Advocacy and Outreach at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Associate Director for Vision for Children at Risk. She co-authored several reports and learning modules produced by MCFHC and the Turning Point Leadership Development National Excellence Collaborative. She continues to serve as a guest lecturer at the School of Social Work and the College for Public Health and Social Justice at St. Louis University; the University of Missouri-St. Louis School of Nursing; and the Washington University School of Social Work and Medicine.

Ms. Thompson’s greatest joys include supervising social work, public health, and theology students in field education placements and serving as a preceptor for community advocacy through resident education. She conducts these activities at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center and the Pediatricians in Community and Resident Advocacy Rotation at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Her activities in these areas play an important role in promoting students’ understanding of social determinants of health and increasing their knowledge of the impact of racism on policies and practices that lead to health disparities in St. Louis.