Janelle Ali-Dinar, PhD
Chief Operating Officer
MedFirst Partners 

Janelle Ali-Dinar has more than 15 years of senior healthcare executive experience. She is the Vice President of Population Health and Global Health Initiatives (including rural health and accountable care organizations) at MyGenetx. MyGenetx is a nationally advanced precision medicine organization that specializes in care solutions for rural, minority, tribal, veterans, and public health. She also is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for LeAnn Thieman SelfCare for HealthCare/Chicken Soup for the Soul and COO of MedFirst Partners.

Dr. Ali-Dinar has served in the positions of CEO, COO, Vice President, and Regional Director of strategy, operations, rural health, leadership development, physician engagement, and urban/rural/global healthcare for some of the nation’s largest healthcare systems. She often is featured as a keynote speaker on Capitol Hill and at national conferences. Her other previous roles have included a National Rural Health Association Rural Fellow, Rural Congress member, and Nebraska Rural Health Association President.

Dr. Ali-Dinar currently serves as Chair of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Minority Health Statewide Council and Co-Chair of the RHEC VII Partnership Committee. She also has been appointed to the Nebraska DHHS Preventive Health Services Committee; the National RACMonitor Editorial Board; and the Midwestern Public Health Training Center Diabetes and Education Advisory Committee.

Dr. Ali-Dinar holds both master’s and doctorate degrees in communications. She also is a recent graduate of a Public Health Leadership Program.