Bobie Williams, MS
Program Manager I - Women/Children and Adolescent Health
City of St. Louis Department of Health

Mr. Bobie Williams is a Program Manager for The City of St. Louis Department of Health in Saint Louis, Missouri. The City of Saint Louis has a population of approximately 315,685 people and is a growing mix society of various socioeconomic levels and cultures. The majority of Saint Louis’s population is black and white, but its international institute continues to be a pipeline for ethnic diversity. Equity and inclusion within the communities of St. Louis continues to be a challenge, with promising opportunities.

Mr. Williams’s service to the City of Saint Louis community has increased his interest in health equity. He began his public health career as a disease investigative specialist in 2004. He has worked at the city, county, and state departments of health in various focus areas. At the City of St. Louis Department of Health, he was promoted to his current positon in 2012 and now works in the area of community family health. His academic degrees include a BA and an MS.