Allison Lageose
Director of Community Engagement for Beyond Housing
Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Allison Lageose is Director of Community Engagement for Beyond Housing at Mercy Hospital St. Louis. Her role is to ensure that community resources support the community's vision of bridging the gap between healthcare and community wellness.

Ms. Lageose has dedicated most of her career to advocating for and organizing supports around children and youth from marginalized communities. She ultimately managed an outreach program for youth experiencing homelessness. These efforts led her to recognize the importance of health equity and mental health parity and direct her attention to outreach and advocacy in the health sector.

Ms. Lageose is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She earned a BA in psychology from the University of Chicago and an MA in industrial-organizational psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She was the 2016 winner of the Robert Wood Johnson Culture of Health Prize.