Region VII - Heartland Regional Health Equity Council

Mission: To increase the collective leadership actions to promote health equity in the communities where we live, work, play, learn, and worship. This will be accomplished through the creation, promotion, and integration of policies and programs to eliminate health inequities and through coordination of partners and stakeholders committed to action within Region VII.

Vision: A nation free of inequities in health and health care

Priority Area # 1 - Health Equity
The Heartland RHEC (RHEC VII) will identify the health equity needs and priorities in Region VII and will develop resources/tools to address these needs. (During 2018, the RHEC will complete Phase I and move into Phase II.)

Phase I:
  • Pilot health equity survey to RHEC member organizations 
  • Conduct data analysis and develop summary of findings 
  • Develop dissemination plan and share data findings with RHEC VII Data Committee 
  • Revise survey as needed 

Phase II:
  • Administer revised health equity survey to a broader group of key stakeholders in Region VII, including NPA partners 
  • Conduct data analysis and develop summary, including executive summary and infographics 
  • Develop dissemination plan and share findings with all RHEC members and the broader community 

Phase III:
  • Conduct research of other toolkits for examples and recommendations 
  • Identify and build out toolkit framework 
  • Create draft health equity toolkit 
  • Share draft health equity toolkit with RHEC VII and revise as needed 
  • Develop dissemination plan for toolkit 
  • Finalize and disseminate health equity toolkit 
  • Develop other toolkits using process developed as needed (based off survey data) 

Priority Area #2 – Partnership Development
The Partnership Committee's core work is to develop memoranda of understanding (MOUs) that:
  • Support the NPA and RHEC VII’s mission and vision and complement other RHEC VII committee work 
  • Show synergy with organizations and associations that share the RHEC’s core values and are focusing on similar scope of work, topics, and initiatives: 
    • Identify, develop, and expand (3-5) new MOU partnerships for capacity building 
    • Leverage current and future-focus MOU partnerships for shared collaborations, resources, and initiatives of work during 2018 via webinars, speaking opportunities at conferences, white papers, development of links to information/studies, sharing of best practices, research, tools, events, etc. 

Priority Area 3 # – Data and Resources
Heartland RHEC (RHEC VII) will improve data availability and coordination, utilization, and diffusion of research and evaluation outcomes.
  • Present and disseminate the RHEC VII Heart Disparities Report to various stakeholders and partners 
    • Identify target audiences 
    • Create documents that can be used to standardize talking points, inform key stakeholders, and create and leverage partnerships 
    • Create both state and regional fact sheets 
  • Create and leverage partnerships 
    • Work with Partnership Committee to identify potential partners 
    • Identify stakeholder groups with overlapping interests – work together through workshops and conferences to share information. 

Priority Area 4# – Funding and Sustainability
This ad hoc committee was established during the 2017 annual meeting to create an infrastructure that would enable RHEC VII to receive funding from various sources. The goals are to:
  • Identify a fiscal agent and assist that agent in determining if RHEC VII’s committee projects are fundable; and 
  • Identify any prospects for funding opportunities that would assist the committees in meeting the goals, objectives, and activities in their 2018-2019 workplans. 
For 2018-2019, the committee plans to identify a fiscal agent and, as a long-term goal and beginning in 2019, submit two applications for funding each year.

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